Welcome to the Sea Change Art Project

The basis of this project is Beck's latest album, Sea Change. The concept is to create pieces of artwork (any medium you wish) based on tracks from the album. At pre-defined dates the work will be collated and presented here. Wed like to stress that this is a fun project; the aim is for everybody to enjoy themselves and to make and see some wonderful art!

If you wish to contribute and become a part of the project then you are most welcome. Please see the Song List (see left) for the current song to be worked on. Simply submit your work around the necessary date for the track in question; You may like to include a statement about your piece. The deadlines listed are only to keep the project flowing; you may submit work for any of the track titles.

Visit the Stewoo.net: Beck Forum for SCAP discussion, here.

If you have any artwork-related questions, please contact Lorraine: fourmonkeytotem@netzero.net

For all site-based questions, please send them my way: contact page

:: Note: You can send art to any of the above addresses ::

Current Song: The Golden Age

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