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Side Of The Road


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  » Readymade    


24 x 48



'The art came to me in that sort of imaginary dream like state you fall into when visualizing things... also I listened to Side Of The Road a LOT. It's my favourite. Some of the art I rough sketched out and pre planned a bit. The rest is sort of like a puzzle coming together. In this case it was a monster size puzzle! At 24" x 48", there was quite an area to fill.

So I took sections and included slips of paper with lyrics so the viewers would know where they were at. Without going on and on about each section I will say the blue section ("Let it pass on the side of the road") is the one where I try to get the idea of all kinds of thoughts, memories, and trash being swept aside, letting them pass to make way for the next phase.'




:: Above Images Copyright © Readymade 2003 ::

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  » Sheattle Sue 'The Promise'  

Stop-action photography.

'Don't read this till after you watch the movie or it'll spoil the ending. This 100-second film, entitled "The Promise," was inspired by Beck's Sea Change album. Looking at my budding daffodils while listening to the album, I thought of endings. So I decided to do some stop-action photography with my digital camera on a tripod. It took about 2 weeks for the flowers to get good and dead, and I couldn't use my dining room table for that entire time. Still, I managed to bump the camera at least once during that period, because I'm a bit of a klutz!

Editing took an hour at most since I had already learned the software (Sonic Foundry's Vegas Video) from my first short film.'

Also check out Sue's Video of The Promise: Download it here (1.73Mb)




:: Above Content Copyright © Sheattle Productions 2003 ::

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  » Amy    

Mixed media on canvas (gel medium transfers, paper, acrylic)

'Eu crío mundos fora dos compartimentos velhos, das fotografias, do lixo, da pintura, do doce, e de muitos produtos químicos tóxicos. Eu sou assim que sad nesta cidade grande, só mas em flores felizes no sol faça amigos bons. Minhas sapatas são vermelhas.'



:: Image Copyright © Amy Floretta 2003 ::

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  » Lateeda 'What A Friend Could Tell Me Now'  

Oil on board.

16 x 12

'Side of the Road has a quality to me of wistful and sad regret about choosing a mistake, and wondering if it could have been different, if seen more clearly at the time. The picture is a view of the moment when beck made the choice to pick up the thing on the side of the road, or not. the beck-figure is tiny and childlike, because of the moment of wonder and uncertainty, but also because he reminds me of the Little Prince, if you know that story. there is a friend giving advice, and there is a big borrowed dime-moon shedding a different light (if you can see the picture closely enough, it does say "liberty" along the side of the dime, which i also felt was appropriate to the song). an empty can sits waiting, in case he wants to kick it across an empty floor in exasperation. There is a choice whether to go down the road, see what the other side looks like, or to get sidetracked by flowers and funny unuseful objects. Perhaps he needs to let it pass, on the side of the road. sweet and dreamy, sad and regretful, yet even somehow hopeful, i felt the colours should be rich and glowing, with flowing lines and unearthly shapes.

I'm not much of a writer, but that is what moved me to paint it.'




:: Above Content Copyright © Lateeda 2003 :: Website ::

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  » Sarah    




:: Above Content Copyright © Sarah Preddy 2003 ::

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  » Harvestbird    

'This picture operates under two perspectives. On the left is a straight road, seen from above, with a grassy verge that darkens closer to the blacktop. On the right is the 'random room' with its 'empty floor' described in verse two of the song. Flecks of red suggest light reflected from a disco ball, but this room is too gloomy for this to be anywhere except in memory.'




:: Above Content Copyright © Harvestbird 2003 ::

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