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The Golden Age






'I took as my starting point the second verse of this song, aiming to recreate, in a simplified form, some of the desert colours and distant lights, which are repeated in shadow at the bottom of the painting.

There's an orange haze of what might be light, but is probably only pollution
It's a desolate road, with a desolate view
There's distant lights, but here they're far and few
The sun don't shine, even when it's day
You've got to drive all night, just to feel like you're okay.
Oh, these days I barely get by. I don't even try.'




:: Image Copyright Harvestbird 2003 ::

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I Don't Even Try    

'Image one eventually morphed into the second' - Stefanie.




:: Above Content Copyright Mondo-Retro 2004 ::

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:: Image Copyright Marge Danis 2006 ::

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